Medical calculator and app- 3 steps for success

Medical calculator and app- 3 steps for success

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

"Call to Action" – this is the need of most of the companies. A successful drive to action leads to digital engagement which indicate the value of our activity in the eyes of medical stuff and the patient.

This is one of the reasons why the application industry has flourished in recent years. Companies want to address the need of their clients, so thy increase involvement through interactive tools .

But it is not always possible to estimate whether the choice was the best, especially if the success measures were not defined. so what are we doing? What do we need to know before choosing an app, calculator, or any other tool? And how to continuously leverage the calculator?

3 Steps to how to do this effectively

Step 1 - Select the tool Successful companies focus in their customer needs when they choose the tool. The selection process consists of 3 main stages:

1. Defining the gap - What is the problem I'm trying to solve? - on what need of the customer I want to answer - How this tool will respond The answer to the questions must be at the highest level of detail.

2. Mapping the client's digital profile throughout the Physician /patient “ journey”.

3. Detailed analysis of technology and choice of technology that will give the greatest value.

Map must be run quickly .. Once the decision has been made, action must be taken quickly. Digital life cycles are short.

Step 2 – Experimenting the "Tools" The app or calculators should be tried before it promote Avoid small experiments on a limited number of subjects that will not give you enough information but will waste a lot of energy. The experiment should be large enough so that it can be learned from, assimilated, and expanded.

Step 3 – Maximize the channels that are used to appeal your customers Connect your acti the channels. Plan how to use other channels in order to promote the new app and how to existence it used other channels such as sales staff or medical director. Understand in advance what information can be received from the app and how it can be leveraged in more channels or processes.

In conclusion- The digital opportunity offers companies an opportunity to interact with customers, an opportunity to influence the behavior of patients or medical staff, but the opportunity will not be realized if we do not understand how to handle the digital space. We need to plan it in advance and in accordance with the rules of conduct in this space.

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