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Our deep familiarity with the pharmaceutical world is part of the effectiveness in our services.

We share our knowledge and experience in healthcare and digital with our customers, and thus we make the most of our working time; Shorten your "study period" time, the outcomes will be more accurate to the audience with maximum resource utilization.


  • We offer in-depth knowledge with the  healthcare ecosystem; physicians, patients, policymakers and  stakeholders perspectives.

  • We help our clients to close the gap between planning and execution and turn data into actions.

  • We have experience in promoting products from various therapeutic areas at all stages of a product's life cycle.

  • We have experience in working with professional medical teams from many different specialties.

  • Our customers have ranged from pharmaceutical, private clinics, health organizations and the health market in general.

Diane Carmel

Diane Carmel is a marketing expert with 11 years

of experience. She has previously worked as

a product manager at Pharma and last year has been advising small businesses on digital marketing and marketing. Diane holds a master's degree in genetics and microbiology.

Pessia Ben Noon

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Pessia Ben Noon specializes in marketing and has over 30 years experience in marketing and sales in the health care market. She is a business consultant, founder of a marketing and sales company - strategic marketing and consulting for companies and senior managers in the health field.

She holds a bachelor's degree in agronomy and

a directorate track from an independent college to Bar-Ilan University and a certified mediator and mediator.


Consulting and project management for the healthcare sector.